Size of frame is 17x 21. If interested call Jay at . Calls only. Thanks. Great last minute gift.
The size of frame is 17x21. The cardboard around the frame is how they were shipped to me. I never took them out of the box. If interested call Jay at . NO EMAILS. Thanks.
Selling new custom designed unbelievably effective spinners for trouts, salmons, pikes, bass all types, walleye. Easy to use, just attach to ball bearing swivel and minimum 8LB line. Cast and work on surface or count down 1FT per second and retrieve slow and occasional jerk to create panic flashing of baitfish. 100 guaranteed to fill your krill. 35 years field tested and tweaked to perfection. ...
Want to catch your limits of huge Crappies Theses are exceptional for Crappie fishing. This small jig will also catch Walleye, Bass, large Sunfish, and Perch. They are available in bulk quantities.....5 X 4 packs are $15.00 75 cents each. Andor 5 X 4 packs for $15.00. The retail price is $4.69 per 4 pack. My name is Burtonjon and you can reach me at . I have a limited quantity in stock... theyr...
Want to catch Crappies Limits of big Crappies These are the most proven Crappie lures available... Sunfish, Bass, and Walleye also hit on them. There are four Crappie jigs to each zip-lock bag. The retail price of a zip-lock 4 pack is $4.69. I sell these in lots of twenty 5 X 4 per zip-lock pack ...for $15.00....this amounts to 75 cents each. Use them with whatever you fish with.... fly rod, sp...
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